ABT and Mobil 1™ - partners in performance

The latest Audi and Volkswagen vehicles recommend a high performance lubricant

With competence and experience in engine tuning, aerodynamics and rims, ABT understands the importance of engine oil that delivers outstanding performance and protection. With a strong heritage, together they make perfect partners. That’s why ABT recommends Mobil 1 in all their performance enhanced vehicles. ABT recommends Mobil 1.

Who is ABT?

ABT Sportsline are the world’s leading Audi and Volkswagen tuner, specialising in engine technology, aerodynamics, sports wheels, exhaust systems, suspension and brakes. ABT, part of the new generation of enhanced performance, is committed to bringing out the best in every engine, striving for both power and durability.

Why do ABT use and recommend Mobil 1?

Much of Mobil 1’s success comes from technical partnerships with major motor manufacturers such as Audi and Volkswagen who consistently require the latest technology in synthetic lubricants. Their demands ensure that Mobil 1 keeps pace with the ever evolving lubricant market through rigorous testing, offering better performance, protection and fuel efficiency. That is why:
• All Audi and Volkswagen cars tuned at an approved ABT centre are serviced using Mobil 1.
• ABT recommends Mobil 1 to its customers.
Audi VW 504 00 / Audi VW 507 00
Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 is an advanced fully synthetic low ash oil approved by Audi and Volkswagen for petrol cars requiring the Audi VW 504 00 oil standard and approved for diesel cars requiring the Audi VW 507 00 oil standard.
Audi VW 502 00 / Audi VW 505 00
Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 is a fully synthetic oil approved by Audi and Volkswagen for petrol cars requiring the Audi VW 502 00 oil standard and approved diesel cars requiring the Audi VW 505 00 oil standard.

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