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The automotive aftermarket is undergoing dramatic changes with the acceleration of technological innovation and evolving customer expectations. These changes have reshaped the way consumers, truck and van drivers, workshop owners and suppliers view vehicles, ongoing maintenance and ways in which business is conducted.
These changes affect mechanics substantially, because consumers expect quicker services, and there is also heightened pressure on you to provide superior quality, meaning your day-to-day activity is even more fast-paced and hectic. This is especially true given the growing number of owners keeping their vehicles for longer, which can make it more difficult for you to find suitable parts and lubricants for older models.
Mobil™ is one of the most widely known and trusted lubricant performance brands in the world. We offer a complete bumper to bumper solution for personal and commercial vehicles through our Mobil 1™, Mobil Super™ and Mobil Delvac™ oil ranges. We believe our reputation for performance, innovation and expertise means our products are an excellent choice for you and your customers.
We’re also continuously developing cutting-edge services, tools, and digital solutions that will help you face those daily challenges quicker and more efficiently. For example, our new Product Selector, with the inclusion of Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) look-up is built specifically for mechanics to accurately acquire an engine oil specification, helping to speed up the product recommendation process, ultimately providing you with more time for other tasks.
Additionally, if you are part of the Mobil 1 Workshop Programme, you will be given access to our exclusive digital hub, providing you with access to marketing materials, operational guidelines, training resources and industry news. Already have access? Sign in here.
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