Mobil EV™

The Mobil EV offer. Helping deliver further, longer and safer performance for our customers. Energy technology and innovation are the heart and soul of our business.
In the ever-changing automotive landscape, the vehicle mix continues to evolve. ExxonMobil’s 2019 Outlook for Energy projects that electric vehicles (plug-in hybrids, battery electric, and fuel cell vehicles) will grow to over 20 % of the passenger vehicle fleets and nearly 30% of new car sales by 2040* 

As electric vehicle requirements mature, delivering solutions that extend vehicle range and promote safe, efficient performance will be paramount. Innovative approaches to fluids engineering will be critical to meet the electric vehicle fluid application needs of tomorrow. 

At ExxonMobil, we have a rich 135-year heritage of leading in energy technology and innovation, and are committed to lead in mobility solutions across energy types. Our fluids technology and equipment management expertise helps automobile and component manufacturers develop and produce electric vehicles that can help keep drivers on the open road for longer. We are excited to continue our close work with leading OEMs across the globe to help give customers a ride they love. 

Introducing the Mobil EV offer. Delivering further, longer and safer performance to support our customers’ mobility ambitions both today and in the future. 

  • Further, Longer, Safer

    To meet the changing and dynamic needs of customers, electric vehicles need to stay cool under pressure. Our cutting-edge technology helps electric vehicles go further between charges and last longer over many charge cycles, and promotes safe performance.

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  • Our product range

    The Mobil EV™ suite of products – designed to meet the evolving fluid requirements of electric vehicles for enhanced equipment and vehicle performance.

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  • Our complete offer

    Electric vehicle performance isn’t just about using the right fluids. Our advanced polymers and materials can help improve light-weighting and durability across the vehicle, enhancing range and equipment life. Additionally, our fluids technology and equipment management expertise can help maximize electric vehicle performance.

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  • Formula E

    We’re thrilled to take our long-standing partnership with Porsche to the next level as we team up on their new Formula E race car. The Porsche Formula E race car marks ExxonMobil’s first steps into the world of electric motorsports.

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