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Mobil 1™ partnerships

Mobil 1™ and ABT

With competence and experience in engine tuning, aerodynamics and rims, ABT understands the importance of engine oil that delivers outstanding performance and protection.

Mobil 1 and Porsche

Porsche and Mobil 1 form a partnership that is based on delivering optimum performance for a truly outstanding driver experience. This partnership is one that has evolved since 1996, spanning four generations of the iconic Porsche 911 and facilitating the introduction of several new models in a variety of car ranges.

Mobil 1 and Bentley

Mobil 1 and Bentley Motors have worked hand-in-hand for over a decade to ensure that every engine powering the world’s most sought after luxury cars is able to supply a seamless performance and continually surpass any demand that it is placed under.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

There are two key roles that Mobil 1 engine oil must play to help keep a Grand Prix engine running. The first is keeping the internal surfaces in the engine clean and free from deposit build-up. The second is preventing wear. If we fulfil both of these roles, the drivers and the team can begin each race with the confidence to win.
  • Porsche and Mobil 1™ Partners in Performance

    Porsche and Mobil 1 have been partners since 1996, delivering outstanding performance in over one million Porsche engines.

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  • Bentley Motors and Mobil 1™

    See how Mobil 1 and Bentley Motors have worked hand-in-hand for over a decade to ensure seamless performance.

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  • ABT and Mobil 1™ Partners in performance

    ABT Sportsline tuned-engines benefit from high-performance Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils which have been formulated to meet both Audi and Volkswagen specifications.

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  • Racing is in the DNA of Mobil 1™

    Mobil 1 is actively involved in motorsports at all levels - from grassroots and sportscar racing to NASCAR® and from WRC to the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1

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