Workshop owner

Current industry trends suggest that drivers of commercial and passenger vehicles are keeping their vehicles for longer. They understand the importance of scheduled maintenance and servicing to maximise the life of their vehicles and to reduce costs while maintaining optimum performance on the road.
This changing market is causing a rise in demand for aftermarket parts and servicing, spurring new growth and revenue opportunities for workshop owners. However, it also brings increased competition, enhanced customer expectations to deliver quicker oil changes, repairs and services, and there is also heightened pressure on workshop owners and mechanics to ensure every service, repair or oil change is to the high standard that your customers expect.
As a workshop owner, we understand you are extremely busy on a daily basis, meeting customers, diagnosing faults, overseeing your mechanics and ensuring your business is in order, which means finding the time to address these new industry challenges can be difficult.
Whether your customers are fleet managers, truck or van drivers or everyday consumers, with the help of our Mobil™ programmes, you can join a network that helps address the current industry challenges, whilst also offering your customers high quality products under well-known brands. Additionally, you will be able to provide a customer experience of unsurpassed quality that outshines the competition and drives customer loyalty.
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  • Why choose a synthetic oil?

    Your engine is a complex machine with hundreds of moving parts that operate under a wide range of temperatures and stressors. The oil you select needs to be equally capable of coping with these operating conditions to protect your engine.