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Mobil Boxx. Ticks every Boxx

Mobil Boxx is our smart packaging solution which allows you to buy many of our oils in a 20L bag in a box format.
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✓ Space-saving storage

✓ Practical 20 litre container

✓ Fewer oil leaks

✓ Clear labelling

More sustainable

✓ 85% less plastic than a 20L pail

✓ Less waste

✓ Simple and effective disposal**

**Dispose of carton and plastic bag separately, according to local regulations

Many workshops are already benefiting from Mobil Boxx™.

Mobil Boxx provides 3 core benefits:

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    More sustainable*

    A Mobil Boxx™ pack contains 85% less plastic than a 20 litre pail. The design of the inner plastic bag also ensures that little product is wasted. Thanks to an effective, easily disposable design made up of a recyclable paper carton and plastic, Mobil Boxx™ can reduce the amount of waste produced by your workshop.

    *Mobil Boxx is a more sustainable packaging solution because it contains 85% less plastic than an equivalent 20L pail which helps to reduce the amount of waste produced.

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    More convenient

    In contrast to 208 litre drums, Mobil Boxx™ is much lighter and easier to handle. It also takes up less storage space, giving you the opportunity to offer a wide range of products. With no additional pumping system required, as well as sealed packaging, there’s less chance of oil being contaminated by foreign objects. A clear oil grade display means there’s less confusion between products. Disposal is easier too. The plastic bag can be thrown into the waste bin, and the cardboard can be recycled with waste paper.**

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    More savings

    Mobil Boxx™ is designed to help you lower your operating costs. By investing in practical 20 litre containers versus 208 litre drums, less capital is needed up front, making stock keeping more efficient. You’ll also save on storage space expenditures. Plus, disposal costs are lower too as you’ll save on hazardous waste disposal expenses.

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Proven? Tick.

Many businesses are already benefiting from Mobil Boxx. To try it in your workshop, contact your Mobil 1 sales partner.
When it comes to all things motor oil in your workshop, Mobil Boxx™ ticks every box.

Mobil Boxx racks

Use Mobil Boxx with 2+2 or 3+3 storage racks to maximise benefits
  • Image showing 3+3 Mobil Boxx storage racks

    3+3 rack

    • The 3+3 rack design saves space
    • Ergonomically designed rack can fit 6 x 20L boxes
    • The shelving is tilted, allowing the oil to run towards the tap 2007mm
    • Racks are shipped assembled for ease

  • Image of 2+2 Mobil Boxx storage racks

    2+2 rack

    • The 2+2 rack design saves space
    • Ergonomically designed rack can hold 4 x 20L boxes 
    • The shelving is tilted, allowing the oil to run towards the tap 
    • Shipped assembled for ease