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The Technology in Every Bottle

When you pick up a bottle of Mobil 1™ you pick up liquid technology that performs at a molecular level. A blend of high-performance synthetic base oils combat sludge and deposit build-up, help reduce wear, and control oil breakdown to deliver outstanding performance for your engine, helping to keep it running like new.

You’ll find the engineers behind Mobil 1 technology in Clinton (New Jersey, USA). The ExxonMobil range is refined, and new products developed through rigorous performance-testing, inside state-of-the-art facilities. F1 World Drivers’ Champion Max Verstappen visited these world-class laboratories to discover how the Mobil 1 blends used on the track are created.

Tried and tested

Mobil 1 is not only tested in the lab but on the track as well. The findings made on the track help us develop the technical formulations that end up in road cars. In motorsports such as Formula 1 and NASCAR, Mobil 1 products are pushed to the extreme. Engines filled with Mobil 1 cover thousands of miles under punishing, fluctuating conditions.

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    Pushing boundaries

    Mobil 1 technology is integral to helping motorsport teams push boundaries, and this leads to discoveries and findings that can be used to improve performance on the road. So, every mile Mobil 1 partners such as Porsche and Oracle Red Bull Racing complete on the track helps to improve every mile you drive.

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    Advanced lubricant technology for all hybrids

    Mobil 1 engineers regularly perform extensive hybrid testing. Mobil 1 0W-20 engine oil has demonstrated year-round performance and protection for hybrid engines, including delivering in cold and extreme hot weather conditions, as well as in mixed city, suburban and highway driving, providing exceptional protection against deposit, sludge, and wear. Mobil 1 engine oils for hybrids are also regularly put to the test on the track in the ultimate hybrid vehicle – an F1 racing car.

Fiona McEwan, Trackside Technical Advisor Oracle Red Bull Racing

Fiona plays a vital role in the continued success of Oracle Red Bull Racing. By analysing the Mobil 1 engine oil used in Grand Prix engines she can help the cars reach optimum performance.
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    Oracle Red Bull Racing and Mobil 1

    Since 2017, Mobil 1 has helped Oracle Red Bull Racing win two F1 World Drivers’ Championships and a Constructors’ Championship. Mobil 1 performs two key functions so Grand Prix engines can perform at their peak – it helps keep the internal engine surfaces clean, free from deposit build-up, and prevents wear.

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    Working closely together, the collective pursuit of Porsche and Mobil 1 is to deliver optimum performance for a truly outstanding driver experience. This pioneering cooperation partnership began in 1996, spanning five generations of the iconic Porsche 911 and supporting the introduction of several other new car models across a variety of ranges.

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    Mobil 1 products

    Find the right oil for your vehicles and put some race-winning technology into your car.

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    Where to buy

    Find out where to buy Mobil lubricants in the UK & Ireland, for consumers and trade customers.