Mobil 1 & Porsche

Mobil 1™ & Porsche® 25 years together

Partners in performance for 25 years

For a quarter of a century, Mobil 1 & Porsche have enjoyed one of the longest lasting and most successful partnerships in motoring. The innovation we have brought to the track, together with Mobil’s long engine life protection*, has led to exceptional performance on the road.

Our engine oil, which enables Porsche’s racing cars to deliver top performances on racetracks, also improves the driving performance for every Porsche owner. Every Porsche engine leaves the factory filled with Mobil 1 engine oil – that’s well over one million cars since this celebrated cooperation partnership began.

Even though we’ve reached the momentous 25-year milestone, our long and successful cooperation partnership shows no sign of slowing down. We continue to work together, researching and developing innovative engine oils in the pursuit of perfection. And as we accelerate into the electric age, we are focussed on pushing the limits of what electric vehicles are capable of too.


*Long engine life protection applies to Mobil 1 products approved by Porsche and used in accordance with instructions in the car owner manual.

Mobil 1 & Porsche 25 years

“Reliable cooperation partners such as ExxonMobil provide fantastic support and offer a high degree of planning certainty,” says Vice President Motorsport, Thomas Laudenbach. “Together, we have celebrated unforgettable moments securing victories at long distance classics such as Le Mans and Daytona and winning titles in the most important motor racing championships around the world.”


“ExxonMobil is one of our closest and most important cooperation partners, not only in motorsport but also in the development of our production engines, which are filled at the factory with the high-performance lubricant Mobil 1,” says Porsche’s Member of the Executive Board for Research and Development, Dr. Michael Steiner.

Keep a Porsche running like a Porsche

In what represents a major change for Porsche, the new facelifted 911 features a turbocharged flat-six engine as standard, rather than the traditional normally-aspirated engine. With more power, more torque, lower CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption, this sets a new benchmark in performance that places great demands on the engine oil. That’s why Porsche has chosen to fill the new 911 with Mobil 1. Keep your Porsche running like a Porsche with Mobil 1.
Recently, the Porsche and Mobil 1 partnership celebrated a significant milestone – with the one-millionth Porsche-produced engine being factory filled with Mobil 1. This number continues to rise as Mobil 1 consistently delivers on its promise of fuel economy benefits, engine wear protection and temperature durability. With Porsche explicitly recommending Mobil 1 as service-fill lubricant, this production landmark reflects the reliability and continuous improvement of Mobil 1 oil.

Porsche explicitly recommends Mobil 1

What is more, since 2007, Mobil 1 has been title sponsor of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, the fastest and most prestigious international one-make championship. Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 is used in every one of the cars on the track, exactly the same product found in any Porsche-produced petrol engine in a road car. This championship epitomises the union between two world-class companies – in name, philosophy and performance.
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