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Together we are driving technology evolution

ExxonMobil partners with forward-thinking industry pioneers who recognize the importance of providing customers with superior electric vehicle efficiency, performance, and overall experience. Our tailored electric vehicle solutions can help our partners push the limits of what electric vehicles are capable of to create impressive, efficient driving experiences.

One of ExxonMobil’s trusted partners, a large automotive manufacturer in the US, factory-filled tens of thousands of fully electric powered cars in 2018 with fluids using Mobil EV™ technology.

Another long-standing customer, a leading manufacturer of hybrid electric vehicles in Japan, has used Mobil™ EV fluids in its electrified applications in over 11 million vehicles since 1998. Our deep-rooted experience in hybrid electric vehicle fluids makes ExxonMobil the supplier of choice for electric powertrain fluids across the world.​

From leading automotive manufacturers to the adrenaline-filled world of electric motorsports, ExxonMobil supports its partners in outstanding electric car efficiency without losing out on vehicle power, dynamics, or safety.

“As a key technical partner of more than 20 years, no other lubricant supplier understands the Porsche performance philosophy like ExxonMobil. They were a natural addition to our Formula E team as we enter an exciting new era of racing for Porsche.”

Fritz Enzinger, Vice President (Porsche Motorsport)

“As Porsche begins to compete and demonstrate the capabilities of its electric vehicle technology, ExxonMobil is engineering a full suite of Mobil-branded lubricants to help the new Porsche Formula E team build on its legacy of racing success around the world. Motorsport provides the ultimate proving ground to continue to develop high-performance lubricants and fluids.”

Russ Green, Vice President, Finished Lubricants (ExxonMobil)

ExxonMobil is entering the world of electric motorsports with our long-standing partner, Porsche. According to Porsche Formula E driver Andre Lotterer: “By working together with ExxonMobil engineers, we have successfully designed an integrated ultra-high efficiency gearbox and gear lube for the Porsche Formula E race car.” In electric vehicles, the gear oil can be a real difference-maker in terms of performance – and the new gearbox and oils help reduce fluid traction losses and increase power delivery, while providing excellent efficiency. 

Battery Thermal Management

Battery thermal management
The market is changing. Customer and consumer needs are evolving. As electric vehicle requirements mature, delivering solutions that extend vehicle range and promote safe, efficient performance will be paramount. Innovative approaches to fluids engineering will be critical to meet the electric vehicle fluid application needs of tomorrow.

Benefits of Immersive Battery Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles

We have carried out a series of tests looking at the thermal management properties of the Mobil EV™ product range. One of these tests involved the immersion of battery cells in a liquid to test against the effects of nail penetration. See the results in our video here.

Host sitting in chair talking to two Mobil EV experts in library room.

How Mobil is shaping the future of EV lubrication

Hear from our experts on the latest innovations in EV lubrication, and how Mobil is helping these vehicles run safer and longer than ever. Watch now.