Together we are driving technology evolution. 

ExxonMobil partner with forward-thinking industry pioneers who recognize the importance of providing customers with a superior electric vehicle experience. Our tailored electric vehicle solutions can help our partners push the limits of what electric vehicles are capable of to create impressive, efficient driving experiences. 

One of ExxonMobil’s trusted partners, a large automotive manufacturer in the US, factory-filled tens of thousands of fully electric vehicles in 2018 with fluids using Mobil EV™ technology. 

Another long-standing customer, a leading manufacturer of hybrid electric vehicles in Japan, has used Mobil™ fluids in its electrified applications in over 11 million vehicles since 1998. Our deep-rooted experience in hybrid electric vehicle fluids makes ExxonMobil the supplier of choice for electric powertrain fluids across the world. 

From leading automotive manufacturers to the adrenaline-filled world of electric motorsports, ExxonMobil supports its partners in outstanding energy efficiency without losing out on vehicle power, dynamics, or safety.