EV Fluids by Mobil EV™

Our Mobil EV™ suite of EV fluids and products helps enable further, longer and safer electric vehicle performance, delivering on the evolving mobility needs of our customers to create a thrilling experience on the road. 

Over 40 years ago, ExxonMobil introduced the world to the first widely marketed synthetic motor oil. Building on our proven history of energy technology expertise, we continue to unlock new possibilities for automotive manufacturers and consumers by pushing the boundaries of product innovation today and tomorrow. Electric motor oil is a key part of our vision for a safer and more efficient technological future. 

Covering thermal management and integrated electric vehicle fluids, as well as reduction gearbox lubricants and specialty greases, the Mobil EV product range uses carefully selected and blended molecules to enhance equipment and electric vehicle performance.
Product type Better Best Product fact sheet
Battery / Electronics / E-Motor
Thermal Management Fluid
Mobil EV Therm Elite™ 701
Mobil EV Therm Elite™ 702
Reduction Gearbox Fluid
Mobil EV Drive™ 201
Mobil EV Drive™ EP 202
Mobil EV Drive™ EP 203
Mobil EV Drive Elite™ EP 801
Integrated E-Motor / Reduction Gearbox Fluid
Mobil EV Cool Drive™ 301
Mobil EV Cool Drive™ 302
Mobil EV Cool Drive Elite™ 901
Electric Drive Motor Grease Mobil EV Grease™ EM 100
Wheel Bearing Grease Mobil EV Grease™ WB 100 Mobil EV Grease™ WB Elite 150