Keep your electric light duty vehicles on the road for longer

The market is changing. The demand for urban freight transportation has increased considerably. Widespread adoption of green vehicles in urban logistics may contribute to the alleviation of problems such as environmental pollution.* With new energy vehicles becoming a priority to reduce air pollution, the number of electric vans and trucks is growing**. To help drive business forward, owners need commercial vehicles poised to help minimize running costs, while raising the efficiency of their fleets.

By 2040, commerce and trade will drive transportation energy consumption up more than 25%**. Do you have the right partner to help optimize efficiency, durability, and safety across your electric vehicle? Watch the video to find out more.

Choose high-quality EV fluids and products for your electric light duty vehicles

Electric vehicles need reliable battery life to power them to go further on each charge and support them in carrying out more deliveries in a day between charges.

From lubricants and greases for electric drive units to other electric vehicle fluids and EV battery cooling, selecting the right products to power an electric fleet and keep vehicles running is essential to business performance. We can help keep your electric light duty commercial vehicles out of the workshop and on the road, where they need to be.

The Mobil EV offer helps enable further, longer, and safer electric vehicle performance***. Mobil EV products are designed with high-usage vehicles in mind, helping to extend battery and reduce charging requirements***. Electric vehicle battery packs can use our Mobil EV Therm Elite fluids to help improve capacity retention, resulting in less downtime for charging over their lifetime - and instead vehicles can stay out on the road to meet the demanding needs of commercial operations***.

Discover how Mobil EV can help improve performance and efficiency for your electric vans and trucks.

Electric light duty vehicle
ExxonMobil™ PolypropyleneIP trim, doors; quarter, pillar and seat trim; sill plates, kick panels and bins
Jayflex™ Plasticizers in PVCArtificial leather for seat, armrests and door, foot mats 
Escorez™ TackifiersHot melt adhesives 

Jayflex™ Plasticizers in PVCUrethanes for glass bonding, PVC adhesive
Jayflex™ Plasticizers in PVCWire and cable assembly, under body coatings, urethane foam sound-deadening 

Vistalon™ EPDMHose and gaskets 
Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymers: Heavy layer mat (HLM) for noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) mitigation
Mobil EV Therm™: Electric vehicle thermal management fluids for batteries, E-motors, and electronics 
Mobil EV Drive™Electric vehicle reduction gearbox fluids 

Mobil EV Cool Drive™Electric vehicle integrated fluids 

Mobil EV Grease™: Electric vehicle greases 

Mobil EV Therm™Electric vehicle thermal management fluids for batteries, e-motors, and electronics