With our broader offer, OEMs can directly address electric vehicle range, durability and safety. In addition to electric vehicle fluids and greases, ExxonMobil also offers: 
  • Polymers and other materials designed for vehicle light-weighting and efficiency 
  • World-class expertise to partner with OEMs and to continue technology innovation 
Our solutions work together to improve the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles. 

For electric vehicles, energy efficiency is key. The more efficient a vehicle is, the better the vehicle’s range. The equipment and materials on board an automobile can make a significant difference to its energy efficiency.
ExxonMobil™ PolypropyleneIP trim, doors; quarter, pillar and seat trim; sill plates, kick panels and bins
Jayflex™ Plasticizers in PVCArtificial leather for seat, armrests and door, foot mats 
Escorez™ TackifiersHot melt adhesives 

Jayflex™ Plasticizers in PVCUrethanes for glass bonding, PVC adhesive
Jayflex™ Plasticizers in PVCWire and cable assembly, under body coatings, urethane foam sound-deadening 

Vistalon™ EPDMHose and gaskets 
Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymers: Heavy layer mat (HLM) for noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) mitigation
Mobil EV Therm™: Electric vehicle thermal management fluids for batteries, E-motors, and electronics 
Mobil EV Drive™Electric vehicle reduction gearbox fluids 

Mobil EV Cool Drive™Electric vehicle integrated fluids 

Mobil EV Grease™: Electric vehicle greases 

Mobil EV Therm™Electric vehicle thermal management fluids for batteries, e-motors, and electronics